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    Sanctuary 2

    Sanctuary 2 (SN2) is the more ruined of the two buildings of this kind at S’Illot, but it is probably more intact in spatial terms. Excavation work began in 2016. So far only the levels demolished and re-used after the post-Talaiotic period have been recorded. The material recovered consists of numerous pieces of pottery which prove the place was in use during the Byzantine and Islamic periods at least. Also documented is a considerable set of remains made up of the bones of animals used as food during these periods. Among these, the presence of fallow deer during the Byzantine period stands out in particular. It had not been possible to confirm this since the 1970s at S’Illot. On the other hand, two spear or arrow heads were also unearthed; these are some of the most important metal pieces from the S’Illot site.